This seamless trim technique is a method I’ve been using for years to add custom trim to my costumes without any top-stitching at all. Similar in a way to bias tape, but with many key differences in implementation and results. No one taught me this technique, but now I’m teaching it to you! Please read through all the instructions below before asking any further questions, and happy trim-making! C:

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Just found this INCREDIBLE cosplayer. I’ve reblogged a few of her Disney cosplays but they’re all amazing. Check her out rayimania.

Gyah, THANK YOU, darling!!! <3
I’m glad you like my cosplay!! ;A;

Hi! I just found your blog today, and i already love it! I'm making Belle's yellow ball gown (well, I will be soon, i'm still researching) and I was wondering if you wore a petticoat over the hoop skirt, and if you did, how did you make it? I can't seem to find a pattern or tutorial anywhere :/ Thanks in advance!

Hi there! <3

Thank you very much!! Good luck with the dress, it’s quite a bit of work!

I didn’t wear a petticoat. I bought a 5-ring hoopskirt of ebay and made a skirt with a few layers of tull to wear over it (something like this), so the hoops wouldn’t show through the actual skirt.
Then I ‘just’ made the dress. :)
I hope that answers your question? If not, feel free to send another ask, dear! <3

I also described how I made my Belle dress here.

Hello. I saw your Bilbo cosplay and I like it so much^^ I have a question. How did you make the frock coat or jacket (I don't know how to name it right)? Did you use ready patterns or do them yourself? Thank you in advance! ^_^

Thanks very much! :)
I bought a Blazer pattern a while back and used that as a base. Mostly I just adjusted the length and the measurements for the pattern. ^_^
I think you can get nice blazer patterns pretty easily and should be fine with altering them. :)

Brother’s Conflict Cosplay Set 2
We got to wear our BroCon Cosplays again at ConTaku and finally took some more nice pictures!! *_* I love them! <3

Photography: VW // Editing: Rayi (me)
CosplayerRayi (me)

Briar Rose Cosplay - Set 1

Hello my darlings!
I can finally show you some photos of my new Briar Rose Cosplay! <3 I’m mostly happy with how it turned out and I like the pictures!
My prince wasn’t feeling well at AnimagiC so he didn’t wear his cosplay for long. :( But we’ll find another time! <3

Photography: VW // Editing: Rayi (me)
CosplayerRayi (me)

Ask Box

Hello darlings,

sorry again for the delayed replies to your asks! Real life keeps getting in the way.

I try to answer everything and I think, I finished going through my backlog now. So if your question has not been answered now, give me a shout, because it might have gotten lost!

I appreciate all your lovely and kind words! Honestly! <3

Though as of today, I’m disabling anon asks.
I got a few very rude asks about how it takes me forever to answer and a few distinctly more vicious ones, that I do not wanna talk about.

Also I found non-anon asks are a lot more likely to be polite.
Because honestly - people ask me to give them advice on stuff I spent hours of research and trials on. And that is totally fine. I believe we should all help each other. I have asked for advice myself after all.
And I expect no one to beg me for it or give me something in return, but the least I’d like to get is a minimum of politeness.
A simple “Thank you” or “please” or at least a “hello” or something.
It makes me a lot more likely to answer fast and in detail.

And honestly - I don’t see the point in Anon-asks. There’s nothing you could say to me or ask me, that’s not rude, that should require you to ask anonymously. I like to get to know people! :)

AND, since it often takes me a few weeks to answer, I usually inform the people who asked, that their question has been answered if I answer it publicly. This is not possible with anons. ;)

So - My ask box is always open to you! It might take a while, but I try to reply to everyone! But, no more anons, because I just don’t see the point.

Thanks for reading! And also thanks for following me you wonderful people! It means a lot! <3

Hey, I saw your X Men First Class cosplay (the yellow flight suit one) and was wonder if you bought it or had it commissioned bc it looks really nice and I have been wanting to cosplay it for awhile. Anyways, if you did buy it somewhere or commission it could you point me in the right direction? Thank you!!

Hi there lovely!

I’m glad you like my cosplay! It’s one I was really proud of when I made it! :)

I did not buy or commission it. I made it myself. I don’t know any commissioners who makes these suits, sorry! :(

Good luck though! <3

Hey there! I just spent forever looking through all your cosplays, and their all gorgeous and amazing and I'm so jealous of all your talent! I was wondering about one in particular, do you think I could please ask you some questions on the Black Widow cosplay? ( You probably get questions all the time so I'll just ask and if you don't remember or anything feel free not to answer 😅 ) How did you make the widow bites? And also where did you get the shoes. Thank you! (:

So so sorry for the late reply! Thanks so so much for your wonderfully kind words! I’m really happy you like my work!

If you’re looking for advice on Black Widow, I’d recommend going through my Black Widow Tag, since I already answered a lot of questions about it. :)

I was sure I already answered both of your questions, but I can’t find the answers to link right now, so I’ll answer again. ;)

1.) For the Widow bite I just bought a cartridge belt on ebay, which I took apart. I painted the parts I needed and attached them to the gloves! There will be new one’s though at some point, since the shape is not as accurate as I’d like!

2.) The boots were generic black boots with wedge heels, which I bought on ebay, too. I detached all furry parts from it and then sewed in the front zipper, and attached the clasps, bands, changed the upper shape etc. :)

Hope that helps!