Hey I saw your black widow cosplay and it's really fantastic. I hate to be a pain but can I ask you where you got it or if you made your cosplay?

Thank you!! :)
Don’t worry you’re no pain at all!
I made the cosplay myself! :) I you go through my “Black Widow Cosplay” tag, you should be able to find some details regarding that. ^^ A lot of questions have been asked about this cosplay. 8D

Hi there! Just a little message to say I saw you Lottie cosplay on my dash and it was just perfect! I hope you keep making brilliant costumes, your other pictures look amazing too :D

Hi there darling!!!
Thank you very very much!!! I’m so glad, you like it!! <3

It’s a lot of fun cosplaying Lottie!

Hello :) First of all I just wanted to say that I love your Euphemia cosplay, the dress looks superb, the wig is amazing and you suit her so very much. I was wondering if you would please mind sharing what fabric you made your dress from? I'm looking to make the same dress and didn't know whether to go for duchess satin or something different. Thanks for your time!

Hi there lovely anon!!!

Thank you very much! Happy you like it! It’s one of my favourite cosplays! <3
I actually used duchesse Satin for most of the dress which is nice! I also used some fabric which’s name I don’t know which is similar to chiffon, just a bit thicker. 
So 3 of the seven skirt layers are made of the mat chiffon-like fabric and the other four of duchesse satin. I also used both of it for the top and sleeves as well as some lacing.
Since the dress is just one colour overall I wanted to use different fabrics, so it’s a bit more detailed. I also didn’t want the whole dress to be shiny. XD

I hope this helps a bit? <3 Good luck with your cosplay!

So I'm currently planning a cosplay of Lottie from Princess and the Frog and I came across yours! You did such a beautiful job portraying Lottie! May I ask what brand of wig you used? I'm having the hardest time finding something that would work for her haha. Keep up the great work girl!

Hey there!! <3

Thank you very much!! Cosplaying Lottie was A LOT of fun! *_*
My wig was from the German wig shop Kalz-shop.de !
They also have an ebay shop which ships internationally I think. ^^ You should be able to find it if you look for “Kalz-Shop”.

Good luck with your cosplay!! :D

I think I love you! You're so pretty. This bog gave me so much inspiration, and I'm starting work on a Lottie cosplay of my own! A quick question, have you ever considered doing Mother Gothel from Tangled? :)

Hey there lovely! <3

Thank you so so much! <3 I’m glad you like my work and got inspired by it! That’s the best compliment you could give me!! :D

Good luck with your Lottie Cosplay!! :D

As for your question - actually no, haha. I don’t think Gothel would suit me to be honest. ^^

So I just found your blog and I wanted to say that your cosplays are beautiful and really good. I love your Disney Princess cosplays a lot!

Hi there!! <333 

Thank you so so much, darling! I really appreciate it! <3
You made my day! :D

I just have to ask, what kind of pattern did you use for your amazing Charlotte (Princess and the Frog) dress?


thanks for liking my Lottie cosplay! In answered the pattern question here before. :>

I love your blog and wish i had half as mush talent. I was wondering you say that you don't take commissions but do you know of other people that might?

Thanks so much darling! <3

I don’t know many to be honest,

but I think these take commissions (at least sometimes) and are good at it:


I can’t garantuee that they still take commissions, but I think they all did at some point at least. :)

Hi there! First off, I just want to say I adore your cosplays! I'm a new follower, and I am so glad I found your blog! I was just wondering where you got your boots for your Anna cosplay? Thank you!

Hi there darling! <3

Thanks so much!! Welcome to my blog, thanks for following! :D
I got the base boots on ebay. They are really nice Tamaris boots that I was lucky to get for very little money. :3
I painted on the the golden patterns and also painted the heels pink myself.

Frozen Cosplay at MCM Expo London Comic Con 2014

 Here’s some pictures from Frozen at MCM!! <3 My coat is not completely finished yet and I forgot my actual heart-clasps at home (;_;) so I had to improvise these here, but I had a fantastic day with a lovely Frozen group! <3 (I’ll show you a picture of all of the three ladies I cosplayed with soon!)
I just love being Anna! <3 Hopefully I can complete this cosplay soon. 8D

Photography: CharlottePiref // Edit: Rayi (me) 
Cosplayers: Helen as Elsa // Rayi (me)  as Anna