Anna Cosplay Progress

Hi guys! <3 Here’s some more progress on Anna! Especially the embroidery (by hand), which is taking for ever! I think I’ve spent like 25 hours on the top already 8D I’m really sloooow. but getting there! :D Only the sleeve bits to finish now.

Lottie Cosplay - Set 2

Cosplaying Lottie was unexpected but SO MUCH fun! XD Thank you SO much for the response to the last set, I am amazed! <3
This time have some pictures with Tiana and Dr. Fassilier who we met at LBM! *_*
Next Lottie set will probably a derp-special, because as Lottie I had to pull all kinds of strange face haha XD

Cosplayers:Daishota (Tiana), MasterKidd (Dr. Fassilier), me (Lottie) // Cosplay are self-made
Photography: Rina

Hello, hello :) I love your Amy cosplay!! I'm thinking of being her for an upcoming con, but I was wondering how you made your bag (or where you bought it)? I'm assuming you just used a pattern of some sort? Also, what do you think of a long-haired Amy? No good? I have pretty long hair and don't want to cut it, and I've never worn a wig before, so I don't think I'd want to bother with one... unless you know of a good, not too expensive wig site? Thanks so much!! <3

Hello there! <3

Thank you, I’m glad you like my Amy cosplay!! <3
I made the bag and the pattern for it myself. It was actually the easiest part. :) It’s made out of three parts and the strap. I put two layers of fake leather between the greenish cotton fabric of the bag to make it more stable. :3
I can’t really explain the pattern well, but maybe it’ll help if you just take a look at a usual messenger back and it’s seams to figure out the pattern. :) That’s what I usually do.

Also about the hair - it really comes down to your own opinion, because you have to decide for yourself what you expect of your costume. While I do cosplay purely for fun, I am a bit of a perfectionist and what I like about making a cosplay is getting it to be as accurate as possible, so for me the hair is important, too and I’d always cosplay Amy with her actual short hair. BUT that being said, that doesn’t mean you have to. Cosplaying doesn’t have to be about being accuracy. It’s a hobby and everyone likes different parts of it, so basically you just have to decide that for yourself. :)

About wig shops - I usually just look for wigs on ebay and aliexpress. I cut my Amy wig from a long wig I had at home, but there are probably a few wigs out there that are already cut in a similiar style AND are cheap. :) You just have to spent a bit of time browsing for one. In fact, I think I actually saw an Amy character wig on Aliexpress. :)

Good luck with your cosplay! <3

question about your Lottie cosplay- is that a wig? btw I love it, it's so cute!

Hello there! :)

Thank you very much! <3 Yes it is a wig :) I really like it, but it looks awful when I’m not wearing the hat XDDDD

I really want to do cosplay at denver comicon, but I dont have the money or material to get to what I want. Any advice?

Sorry for the somewhat late reply!
Cosplay is generally an expensive hobby, but you can make cosplays that don’t cost you as much.

If you choose a simple costume with not as many details you don’t have to spent too much. Sometimes you can find cheap fabrics and cheap wigs on ebay and etc. Most of the times it’s the details like jewlery, pearls, crowns, lacing and the props that are the most expensive. So if you have a small budget you might have to stay away from those.
Most of my costumes cost me between 80 and 150 € for all the materials. (and of course a looot of hours working on them 8D)
But I think my cheapest costume was around 20. Then again I already had the right haircut and didn’t need a wig for that one.

It is not too easy to make cheap costumes, but it is certainly possible! Good luck! :)

Hi! A really new follower ^^ I saw your Lottie and had to. I was wondering if you would mind telling me (or ya know, al your followers) your process from choosing a what to cosplay next until the finished photo shoot? Stay sweet

Hello there and welcome!! <3
Thanks a lot for following!! *3*

Phew, I’m somewhat chaotic, but I’ll try to put things into some kind of order 8D

1. I choose a character and the outfit I wanna do. Usually it’s something I’m crazy about at the time that’s basically “COSPLAY ME”. XD
I think about wether I have the skills to pull it off and usually also if the character fits me.
Often people also ask me to cosplay something with them (as it was with Lottie) and if I like the character and their outfit, I often say yes. :)

2. I find cosplay partners. Sometimes I cosplay alone, but most of the time I cosplay with one partner and sometimes a whole group. :> I have a lot friends who cosplay and like the same things I do, so it’s usually easy to find someone. <3

3.1 We decide on a time and place. Usually conventions and sometimes photo shootings. Sometimes I have a convention before I have the cosplay and I’m like “this is the next convention, what am I cosplay there?” and choose a character after choosing a convention.

3.2 If it’s a shooting, then I’ll ask some photographer friends if they’re interested in doing a shooting. :) Also we find a good location and sometimes think of a photo concept before.

4. Then I start researching the character. Trying to figure out all the details of the outfit and the hair. Research can sometime be quick, if it’s a simple costume and there’s a HQ full body shot available. But there are times where I watch a movie over and over again and take screenshots and google the character and make sketches and all that to figure out all the details. Research can take quite some time. :’D 

5. This happens sometimes in between the Research: Finding the materials. Finding the right fabrics and wigs especially can take a lot of time. :’D Sometimes I’m lucky and I walk into a fabric shop and find the right fabric instantly, sometimes I go to many fabric shops and get lots of online shops to send me fabric samples before I can decide on one.
Especially when I looked for fabric for my Black Widow suit, it took me ages to find one. I buy all my wigs online and looking for the right one can be quite hard, too.

6. I make patterns. I usually make them all myself. I have some patterns I always use as a base and create the specific patterns of. :D

7. Sewing, crafting & wig styling. :D This can take from one day to weeks, depending on how complicated a costume is. I usually make everything myself, but sometimes my friends help me, when I can’t do something by myself. I often sew together with friends, who also have costumes to finish and we watch movies or listen to music, when we do it. :>

8. Pre-convention/shooting stress. XD Most cosplayers, and I’m no exception, finish their costumes very very shortly before the shooting or convention. XD I don’t think it has ever happened that I finished a costume more than few days before an event lol. Usually I finish it right on the day before haha.

9. Convention/Shooting time!! <3 Best part obviously. Taking photos, posing, acting like a characte, meeting friends, having fun. <3

10. Waiting for the photographers to select, edit and send/post the photos. :> Sometimes I edit some myself, but usually the photographer work their magic. 

11. Then I usually freak out about the photographers awesome work and I’m all like odfu089ausf0asf I love them all. XD Also I’m often dazed after a convention, because it’s so much fun. <3

Sorry for the wall of text lol. 8D

Brother’s Conflict Cosplay - Set 1

Here’s my second new Cosplay from LBM! Ema and Fuuto! *_* I really liked this anime! <3 And we had a lot of fun that day!

Photography:Mietzke,Annie Fischinger
Cosplayers: Kojiu (Fuuto), me  (Ema)

THANK YOU FOR OVER 1000 FOLLOWERS!!!! &lt;3Wow. Really WOW. Thank you so much for following! &lt;3
Thank you also for the CRAZY response to my Lottie Cosplay. WOW. Just Wow!! *_* 
I&#8217;m so so so glad you guys like my cosplays! &lt;3 I hope you&#8217;ll like my future work, too!Seriously, thanks a lot! It means the world! &lt;3


Wow. Really WOW. Thank you so much for following! <3

Thank you also for the CRAZY response to my Lottie Cosplay. WOW. Just Wow!! *_* 

I’m so so so glad you guys like my cosplays! <3 I hope you’ll like my future work, too!

Seriously, thanks a lot! It means the world! <3

Have you ever cosplayed a boy? C:

Hi there! :>

I don’t cosplay boys often, but I have done it a few times. Here’s a list:

Sagan Youji (Loveless)
Hayner (Kingdom Hearts II)
Paopuboy [Sora Fanart Version] (Kindom Hearts)
Keika (ja-dou)
Izuru Kira (Bleach)
Ju No-Ah (Legend)
Prince Pako / Talmit (Marvel Land / Talmit’s Adventure)
Cesare Borgia (Cantarella)
Kyle Broflovski (South Park)
Chrno (Chrono Crusade)
Prof. Charles Xavier (X-men: First Class)
Loki [Young] (Thor Movie)
Dr. John H. Watson (BBC Sherlock)
Takeru “T.K.” Takaishi (Digimon)
Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit)

As you can see quite a few times. XD Considering I have made 67 costumes so far, it’s not thaaat many, but quite a few. :> Any costumes you’d like to see more picture of? :>

Hi! I was wondering what you think is the most efficient way to sew? Would you do it by hand or by machine? Both are time consuming, but since your costumes come out so beautifully, I was wondering what you used most! Thanks:)

Hello lovely Anon! <3

Thanks for your message and for the compliment. <3 I appreciate it! 

I would ALWAYS recommend sewing stuff by machine over sewing by hand. A sewing machine is so much faster and often the stitches come out much neater. The only things I sew by hand are things like buttons or embroidery or stuff the sewing machine can’t reach. :)